Every product of the Allydress.com Marketplace network is updated personally by independent sellers who offer a variety of new articles always guaranteeing competitive prices on the market*.

The buying process of the items on Allydress.com Marketplace section is just as the one directly sold on Allydress.com. We will automatically forward the order to a third party company which will process and ship your order. We won’t share any payment details to the third party company, they will be only informed about your delivery info. The logistic warehouse may vary according to the seller but we will always offer Allydress.com Costumers Care and answer to your query in 24h. If you have any question about returning an item please read our Return Policy.


*Note: Allydress.com Marketplace items' prices may vary during their selling period. Our sellers will guarantee the availability of the articles on our website. However, the availability may vary at the moment of purchasing the item. Therefore, we ask our sellers to minimize those circumstances and always update the inventory. By purchasing one or more products from Allydress.com Marketplace network you accepted our terms and conditions explained in the Terms & Conditions page.


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