• Partnership with Allydress.com

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    Hey dear costumers!

    Allydress.com started to collaborate with Instagram bloggers and now it's looking for new partners! We collaborated with hey__ella and sezenak, two beautiful girls who helped us to reach new people all around the world.


    This is Sezan Aksu, she is a beautiful blogger from Germany who is really helping us with the sponsorship.
    Click to see her blog: Sezen AksuThe items she's wearing are: US Flag Sweater and Black Leather Jacket. 
    And she is Ella Pumford, a girl from Walles who is wearing our best selling Dress.
    The items she's wearing are: Light blue Stripes Dress and Chiffon Dogs Blouse.



    In addiction, we collaborate with Instagram's Fashion Profiles such as: StandforfashionElegantlychiicGlamfashionsx and many other.

    Our partnership works like that: we ship items to our partners and for every items we ship we ask for 2 pictures on Instagram. If the partner has a Blog, we would really prefer to have a post on the Blog too!

    We are looking for people who have a mean of 8K likes for photo on Instagram. The quantity of items depends on how much famous our partner is. We are available to ship a complete outfit (dress, bag and shoes) to who has a Blog and can show us that her blog is highly viewed every day.

    So, if you want to do a partnership with us contact the Sales Manager at allydressmanager@gmail.com and leave us your Instagram name and, if you have a blog, give us the link and we will tell you if we can start to work together!


    XOXO, next post next week! :D

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  • Summer Shooting with Lullaby <3!

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    Hello everyone!

    It has been a while since we published our last blog post. We’ve been busy to improve our service and site on Allydress.com.
    For all our followers on Instagram and Facebook, you have may noticed that we started collaborating with models again.

    Today's blog post will be about a girl called Lullaby Indiana, she’s 17 from Utah, United States and you can follow her on Instagram HERE!
    She once bought on our site and took amazing pictures of the items she wore. We started to follow her since than because we loved her style and the way she can give to each picture a different mood and character. Our Adv Manager contacted her asking if she wanted to become our promoter and model and she accepted. Since then, we tried to know her better. Lullaby is such a sweet and nice person. She wants to become a pediatric surgeon because she loves children and the idea of being able to help them in any way she can. She also loves to be an athletic person: she dances, she plays tennis, she runs and she’s a model too.

    Here you'll see the professional shoots she have taken for us. We are sure you'll love them! 



    Even though we don’t know her personally, we understood how beautiful she is. Her positivity and kindness is visible through her eyes. From her pictures you can feel this, this is what modeling should be, right? The pictures you've seen are all the shoots that were taken during this Summer. We’ll be collaborating with her again because our aim is to have different shoots from different season and moment of the year. Stay tuned because we're going to have a lot of professional shoots this year!

    You could be the next person featured on our blog, tag the pictures of you wearing an Allydress purchase with #allydress and @allydress on your Facebook or Instagram, make sure that the pictures are public so that our team will find you! We are always happy to find new promoters for Allydress.com. 

    see you (hopefully) soon <3


    Here you'll find all the items that Lullaby is wearing, you can shop them instantly by clicking on the green button!


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  • Cushy Everyday Winter Outfit

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    Hi everyone! Today I'm suggesting you a new Winter outfit for these February days. Hope that weather isn't giving you many problems, only one month left until Spring!

    Winter is famous for its gray depressingly days. But gray is a fashionable color and it can be used to create a classy but cushy look! After seeing this outfit, you will definitely change idea about gray!

    On the top, our new entry: Elegant Sweater with Braids Knitted Pullover GRAY this amazing sweater will fit well with a skinny dark jeans or a leggings, because it's long enough to be worn as a short dress. The material is woolen bland, a kind of wool which is perfect for winter's cold days of February. 

    As bag, we suggest our best seller bag Leather Crocodile Style Handbag BLACK, this PU Leather bag would fit well with other outfits too. It's a shoulder bag, so it's suitable for a day in the city, maybe for working or for your spare time.

    For shoes, these Short Boots with Heel in Suade BLACK are perfect to complete the outfit.

    However, even if in winter sun is rare, always bring with you your sunglasses!


    Hope you enjoyed this new blog post from Allydress.com, comment if you liked it! :D


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  • First Outft!

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    This is our first outfit advise! :D We propose you a really ROCK outfit for today! Maybe not everyone would like this kind of outfit, because it can be too bold for some girls! But, hey! We aren't all the same! So, let's have a look of this outfit!


    Let's start from the Shirt: we decided to put a Maroon Long Sleeved Shirt casual and simple. On the top, we suggest this wonderful Half Leather Jacket, which is adaptable for every outfit you decide to wear! At the bottom we propose a winter woolen black shorts, obviously wore with a pair of stocking! For Shoes, we decided that a pair of "normal" Black Boots would be great and balanced with the stunning Black Studs Bag. This bag has medium dimension, so it would be perfect for spare daytime or for a night out! For accessories, we thought that this Black and White Necklace would complete the whole outfit adding something more to it! But obviously, this is optional!

    If you buy the whole outfit together (except the necklace, which is optional), it would cost 215$ (25$ for the Shirt; 70$ for the Jacket, 70$ for the Boots and 50$ for the Bag). But, if you buy the whole outfit all together, we offer you a 25% off coupon to pay ONLY 160$. That means 55 dollars less than the total. You can buy the whole outfit HERE.

    So, tell usyour impression about our first outfit! What do you think about that? Do you like it or not? Would you buy it from us?

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