• Partnership with Allydress.com

    45 comments / Posted by Sarah Loverts (Blog Admin)

    Hey dear costumers!

    Allydress.com started to collaborate with Instagram bloggers and now it's looking for new partners! We collaborated with hey__ella and sezenak, two beautiful girls who helped us to reach new people all around the world.


    This is Sezan Aksu, she is a beautiful blogger from Germany who is really helping us with the sponsorship.
    Click to see her blog: Sezen AksuThe items she's wearing are: US Flag Sweater and Black Leather Jacket. 
    And she is Ella Pumford, a girl from Walles who is wearing our best selling Dress.
    The items she's wearing are: Light blue Stripes Dress and Chiffon Dogs Blouse.



    In addiction, we collaborate with Instagram's Fashion Profiles such as: StandforfashionElegantlychiicGlamfashionsx and many other.

    Our partnership works like that: we ship items to our partners and for every items we ship we ask for 2 pictures on Instagram. If the partner has a Blog, we would really prefer to have a post on the Blog too!

    We are looking for people who have a mean of 8K likes for photo on Instagram. The quantity of items depends on how much famous our partner is. We are available to ship a complete outfit (dress, bag and shoes) to who has a Blog and can show us that her blog is highly viewed every day.

    So, if you want to do a partnership with us contact the Sales Manager at allydressmanager@gmail.com and leave us your Instagram name and, if you have a blog, give us the link and we will tell you if we can start to work together!


    XOXO, next post next week! :D

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  • First Post!

    3 comments / Posted by Sarah Loverts (Blog Admin)

    Dear costumers,


    thanks to all for your help! We had the chance to change completely the look of our online shop. We are proud to listen from you that you like our new store and that you love our items. This helps us to carry on with our project.


    Allydress.com is made to provide "young fashion for young souls", that means that our shop is made for every range of age. Our costumers' age goes from 14 to 40 years old. If you feel young, feel free to wear a beautiful dress or to carry a bold colored bag! Our accessories stretch from casual to chic. You can find a complete outfit, now that we added trousers' category too. 


    Our intention has ever been to create a big social family, that's why we opened a new site with a Blog and with the possibility to create an account. In this way we can interact, you can give us advices on every thing you would like to change.

    All suggestion are welcome (: !


    See you to the next post. For who is new to the site, this picture is the screen of how was our shop. We really did a big "jump". Thanks girls!



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  • Sofie Sund for Allydress.com!

    13 comments / Posted by Sarah Loverts (Blog Admin)

    You might have noticed a beautiful blonde girl all around our store, Instagram and Facebook page.
    If you didn’t, here she is...!

    She’s Sofie Sund, an outstanding Norwegian photographer who is collaborating with us since an year.
    You can see her Official Instagram profile here: http://instagram.com/sofiesund and her Official Site here: http://sofiesund.com/

    We think that she definitely embodies Allydress personality: she’s classy, beautiful and such a brilliant photographer.

    What do you think about her works? Her modeling skills are amazing, she can express emotions just with a gaze or a smile.
    Her pictures are full of feelings and what we love the most is the amazing panoramas that Norway offers as backgrounds.

    Enjoy this gallery with all the pictures she took with our items:

    Sofie Sund wears our Strawberry Print Dress. (Summer)  


    Sofie Sund wears our Alice in Wonderland Print Dress. (Spring)


    Sofie Sund wears our Lace Blue Elegant Dress for Best Sellers of the Year 2014 Campaign. (Autumn) 


    Sofie Sund wears our Black and White Flowers Cute Dress. (Winter) 

    New amazing works are coming soon, we're planning new photo-shoots campaign featured our best sellers products!
    We hope that you all enjoyed our little art gallery.


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  • Allydress Story!

    2 comments / Posted by Leonardo Longo

    After one year of activity we decided to publish our story! 

    Allydress started about on April - May 2013 and now, after an year, it managed to reach high results.
    We know that we are a "young" site but we are really happy of what we have right know.
    That's thanks to you all who supported us during this year. We couldn't be here without you!

    Click here to read our story. 

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  • Johanna Herrstedt for Allydress.com!

    1 comment / Posted by Sarah Loverts (Blog Admin)

    During this week we collaborated with the outstanding sweden Instagrammer and Blogger Johanna Herrstedt!

    She's so good looking and talented. We were honored to have to possibility to collaborate with her.

    Here I give you her BLOG link, Instagram and VK profile :D


    These are the amazing pictures she took. What can I say?
    She understood completely the picture we wanted from her!
    She is really beautiful and gives power and personality to our Print Dresses!

     Enjoy the gallery:

     Click here to see the "Dollar Print Dress" and here to see her Blog Post.


    Here you can see the Galaxy Print Dress and here her blog post!

    The setting she used, the colors in this pictures... how wonderful is this?
    We were so amazed from her works. She is such an amazing model.



    Do you want to collaborate with us? Contact advmanager@allydress.com 




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