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    If “Made in Italy” were a brand …

    Made in Italy has always been recognized as a synonym for excellence and craftsmanship. The Italian companies characterized by this “can-do” are so many and the quality of their products is appreciated internationally. An analysis of user searches, conducted with Google Trends, showed that interest in the traditional sectors of Made in Italy is growing steadily so that, according to Nation Brands 2016, its trading value increased by 21 % in 2016.

    According to a research conducted by KPMG Advisory, Made in Italy, understood not only as a production located in our country, but as a perception of the product as a whole, is an asset that has great potential:

    • Made in Italy is the third best-known brand in the world after Coca-Cola and Visa;
    • According to Google data, between 2010 and 2016, online searches with Made in Italy have grown by 153%.

    Made in Italy is a brand made of products, lifestyle, culture and places and is recognized and sought after abroad.

    Not only that, the Italian production model is capable of responding to high quality demands and strong personalization, it can support limited productions and it could be defined as industrial handicrafts. This makes it ideal to be successful on the Internet because thanks to the network you can reach customers around the world and what turns out to be a great potential for export: niche products are no longer compelled in niche markets.

    We suggest you also read a very detailed research conducted by Alberto Stracuzzi and Laura Caldarella for blogmeter.it, entitled “Made in Italy at the time of social media.

    According with this research, Made in Italy emerges in over 4 million social conversations, 3 million just on Instagram and generates over 97 million interactions in just one year

    Which are the sectors more involved with Made in Italy on social networks?


    The most consolidated values in the conversations on Made in Italy are:

    beauty, tradition, elegance and quality as well as value for money.

    The Made in Italy market in numbers

    In 2016, Italian exports of consumer goods via eCommerce reached a value of 7.5 billion euros, up 24% over 2015, with an impact of 6% (in 2015 was 4%) on total exports Italian consumer goods.

    More than 60% of these 7.5 billion is due to the Fashion industry.

    Large online retailers account for 52% of Digital Exports sales, followed by marketplaces (34%), private sales sites (8%) and eCommerce owners of consumer goods (6%).

    The main outlet markets are still Europe (primarily Germany) and the United States, but it is strengthened in some Eastern European countries, including Russia and Poland, while exports to South America, South-East Asian and China.

    Allydress.com: supporter of Made in Italy excellence

    As these data explain to us, investing in Made in Italy is necessary for all those working in the field of fashion.

    On our site you can find many excellent brands of Made in Italy, such as Gucci, Dolce&Gabbana, Fendi, Laura Biagiotti, Cavalli Class, Trussardi and many more.

    Our vision is not only to protect the traditions of Italian fashion, but to innovate it by selecting and promoting small companies that represent the excellence of Italian production. Made In Italia, for example, brings the unique style of Italian fashion, an iconic landmark worldwide, directly to you.

    Our mission is to promote the quality and uniqueness of Italian productions.

    A serious task of research and selection.

    A journey throughout Italy, from the peninsula’s north to the south, to get to know and meet the different manufacturers up close: each with their own characteristics to highlight to give life to a unique and original product.

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  • Partnership with Allydress.com

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    Hey dear costumers!

    Allydress.com started to collaborate with Instagram bloggers and now it's looking for new partners! We collaborated with hey__ella and sezenak, two beautiful girls who helped us to reach new people all around the world.


    This is Sezan Aksu, she is a beautiful blogger from Germany who is really helping us with the sponsorship.
    Click to see her blog: Sezen AksuThe items she's wearing are: US Flag Sweater and Black Leather Jacket. 
    And she is Ella Pumford, a girl from Walles who is wearing our best selling Dress.
    The items she's wearing are: Light blue Stripes Dress and Chiffon Dogs Blouse.



    In addiction, we collaborate with Instagram's Fashion Profiles such as: StandforfashionElegantlychiicGlamfashionsx and many other.

    Our partnership works like that: we ship items to our partners and for every items we ship we ask for 2 pictures on Instagram. If the partner has a Blog, we would really prefer to have a post on the Blog too!

    We are looking for people who have a mean of 8K likes for photo on Instagram. The quantity of items depends on how much famous our partner is. We are available to ship a complete outfit (dress, bag and shoes) to who has a Blog and can show us that her blog is highly viewed every day.

    So, if you want to do a partnership with us contact the Sales Manager at allydressmanager@gmail.com and leave us your Instagram name and, if you have a blog, give us the link and we will tell you if we can start to work together!


    XOXO, next post next week! :D

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  • First Post!

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    Dear costumers,


    thanks to all for your help! We had the chance to change completely the look of our online shop. We are proud to listen from you that you like our new store and that you love our items. This helps us to carry on with our project.


    Allydress.com is made to provide "young fashion for young souls", that means that our shop is made for every range of age. Our costumers' age goes from 14 to 40 years old. If you feel young, feel free to wear a beautiful dress or to carry a bold colored bag! Our accessories stretch from casual to chic. You can find a complete outfit, now that we added trousers' category too. 


    Our intention has ever been to create a big social family, that's why we opened a new site with a Blog and with the possibility to create an account. In this way we can interact, you can give us advices on every thing you would like to change.

    All suggestion are welcome (: !


    See you to the next post. For who is new to the site, this picture is the screen of how was our shop. We really did a big "jump". Thanks girls!



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  • Allydress.com | Lookbook Video with Sofie Sund

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    We made it!

    This is our first Lookbook Video
    in collaboration with the stunning Norwegian model and photographer Sofie Sund.

    Featured items:
    Sweater: http://ow.ly/TZauh
    Backpack: http://ow.ly/TZazN

    You can find her on social here:
    Instagram: https://instagram.com/sofiesund/
    Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/sofiesundphotography
    Portfolio online: http://www.sofiesund.com/

    We hope you’ll all enjoy watching this video shot in the majestic Norwegian nature. More videos are coming very soon. Are you a blogger? Do you want to collaborate with Allydress.com?
    Please contact advmanager@allydress.com.
    Your Lookbook could be featured on our Youtube official channel!

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  • Summer Shooting with Lullaby <3!

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    Hello everyone!

    It has been a while since we published our last blog post. We’ve been busy to improve our service and site on Allydress.com.
    For all our followers on Instagram and Facebook, you have may noticed that we started collaborating with models again.

    Today's blog post will be about a girl called Lullaby Indiana, she’s 17 from Utah, United States and you can follow her on Instagram HERE!
    She once bought on our site and took amazing pictures of the items she wore. We started to follow her since than because we loved her style and the way she can give to each picture a different mood and character. Our Adv Manager contacted her asking if she wanted to become our promoter and model and she accepted. Since then, we tried to know her better. Lullaby is such a sweet and nice person. She wants to become a pediatric surgeon because she loves children and the idea of being able to help them in any way she can. She also loves to be an athletic person: she dances, she plays tennis, she runs and she’s a model too.

    Here you'll see the professional shoots she have taken for us. We are sure you'll love them! 



    Even though we don’t know her personally, we understood how beautiful she is. Her positivity and kindness is visible through her eyes. From her pictures you can feel this, this is what modeling should be, right? The pictures you've seen are all the shoots that were taken during this Summer. We’ll be collaborating with her again because our aim is to have different shoots from different season and moment of the year. Stay tuned because we're going to have a lot of professional shoots this year!

    You could be the next person featured on our blog, tag the pictures of you wearing an Allydress purchase with #allydress and @allydress on your Facebook or Instagram, make sure that the pictures are public so that our team will find you! We are always happy to find new promoters for Allydress.com. 

    see you (hopefully) soon <3


    Here you'll find all the items that Lullaby is wearing, you can shop them instantly by clicking on the green button!


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